In the beginning...

The Bible’s first words announce how God can be known. He reveals himself in terms of the “when’s” and “where’s” of human life and history. Conceptually, this is how people orient themselves to their world. We locate ourselves in time in terms of our beginnings and endings. Our personal stories are also contoured by space. Thus, as we see and identify ourselves by our finitude, so the Infinite One condescends by announcing His presence in the same terms—time and space. God is not merely an idea. He is Eternal Being whom we can know and experience personally. At the commencement of Scripture, and the beginning of our year He invites us to learn of him and how He answers all of life's questions.
Series Outline:
Genesis 1:1-5. "Creation". January 7th, 2024.
Genesis 1:26-31. "The Dominion Mandate". January 14th, 2024.
Genesis 2:15-17. "Forbidden". January 21st, 2024.
Genesis 2:18-24. "What's a Family For?". January 28th, 2024.
Genesis 3:1-9. "Experience God". February 4th, 2024.
Genesis 3:20-24. "Exit from Eden". February 11th, 2024.
Genesis 4:1-16. "Cain & Abel". February 18th, 2024.
Genesis 6:3-4. "The Danger of an Unstable Father". Feb. 25th 2024.
Genesis 6:5-8. "Noah Saved from Wrath". March 3rd, 2024.
Genesis 8:6-11. "Peace". March 10th, 2024.
Gen. 9:8-17. "The Covenant of Grace". March 17th, 2024.