Areas of Ministry Responsibility

Matthew Kratz

Lead Pastor

Here at Ajax Alliance, Pastor Matthew Kratz continues the faithful leadership of our recently retired pastor, Randy Mann over the past 17 years. Pastor Kratz grew up in Toronto and has lived in Guelph, Brantford, Paris, and now Ajax Ontario. Matthew married Lisa and worked together in the financial services sector until attending Heritage Theological Seminary in Cambridge. He has pastored churches in Paris, Hamilton, Everton, and Ajax. Believing scripture to be the final authority for all things of faith and practice, he truly believes that God has called undershepherds to equip the saints for the work of ministry. With a son who is an engineer in Vaughan and another taking HVAC and playing baseball in Windsor, Matthew enjoys jazz, baseball, training Muay Thai kickboxing, and enjoying the wonderful waterfront of where he lives with Lisa in south Ajax. 
Responsible for: Preaching, teaching, oversight and equipping

Alex Mitton

Youth and Children's Ministry Director

Alex and his wife Camila joined Ajax Alliance in September 2023 to help lead our children and youth ministry. Alex is from Scarborough ON,  and Camila comes all the way from Colombia, moving here when she was 7. Alex felt a calling to youth ministry at age of about 13, and worked towards answering that call ever since. He is currently finishing up a degree at Tyndale University.  He is very passionate about bringing up, and guiding, young children and youth to live a God fearing and Jesus Loving life.  
In his spare time,  Alex enjoys playing sports, like hockey and volleyball ,going to the gym, and just having a whole lot of fun in whatever way he can.

Responsible for: teaching, equipping and overseeing all ministries with youth or children. 

Russel Roopsingh


Russel and his wife Radica have attended Ajax Alliance Church continuously since 1997.  They have been blessed to see their two adult sons get baptized at Ajax Alliance.
After almost 40 years in the process controls industry, Russel is now retired and using his managerial skills to serve on the church’s Management Team.
When not at the church or spending time with family, Russel enjoys racquetball, golfing and traveling.
Responsible for:  Christian Education & Youth

Gary Thompson


Gary came to know the Lord at an early age while attending children’s ministry at church.
Over the years he has served in children, youth and adult teaching and discipleship ministries as well as building management activities.

Gary and his wife Pia have been attending Ajax Alliance church since 2015. They have two adult daughters.
Over the years he has been blessed with opportunities to serve in leadership roles in Christian Conferences and on Seminaries boards and committees.
Responsible for:  Discipleship & Worship Ministry

John Lotenfoe


John came to know the Lord at an older age, but by God’s grace has been blessed to serve in various Church ministries such as kids, Audio Visual, Men’s Ministry Lead, Eldership and is also actively involved with AAC’s Management Team.
John and his wife Esther have attended Ajax Alliance Church for over 13 years and enjoy serving through hospitality, worship and teaching ministries and have been blessed by seeing their 2 children (now young adults) get baptized at Ajax Alliance.
He is working full time for a major Toy industry leader for over 30 years, and enjoys playing various sports and travelling with his wife.
Responsible for: Outreach, Evangelism & Missions

Service Areas of Responsibility

  • Compassion & Care:  Esther Lotenfoe
  • Transportation & Logistics:  Jeff Fry
  • Systems & Technology:  Roland Reddekop