Kids for Christ


"Kids for Christ" is our weekday program for children.

 WHO? It is open for kids from age 5 to 12. There are NO fees! 
 WHAT It includes
  1. opening greeting & singing Christian songs 
  2. instruction in the “Catechism for Young Children” 
  3. one of 3 different activities at each meeting, rotating each meeting between: i) games ii) crafts iii) cooking
  4. snack & closing prayer
 WHEN? This ministry runs on the first & third Wednesday night of each month from September to April from 6:45 to 8:00 pm. 
2016-2017 Dates

Sep 21                 Jan 04                    
Oct 05                  Jan 18
Oct 19                  Feb 01
Nov 02                 Feb 15
Nov 16                 Mar 01
Dec 07                  Mar 15
April- Wrap-up night for workers, parents and kids, date TBA
 WHERE? Meetings are held in the basement of the church
 WHY? We are commanded to teach our children God's truth (Dt 6:6-7). The use of a catechism provides a simple but basic training in the theology of the Christian faith supported by Scriptures. It enables one at an early age to begin to grasp the fundamental truths of the Christian faith. This ministry also provides opportunities for fellowship, service to Christ, and outreach to non-church families.  
 HOW?   The elders will be responsible for the oversight of the ministry providing a schedule & guidelines, and leadership at each meeting.
  • The elders will do all the teaching from the catechism. The questions, answers & Scripture verses to be memorized for each meeting will be provided to the children. Parents will be encouraged to work with their children on these between the meetings.
  • The format will involve learning 3-4 questions & answers [they're very simple] & Scripture passages for each meeting. The elders will teach & explain the questions & answers. All the kids will be taught together & the questions, answers & Scriptures will be repeated as a group
  • Parents will be asked to volunteer to lead the “activity” segment of the meetings. Ideas & suggestions for games, crafts & cooking will be provided but input from parents is welcome in all these areas as well.



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